Monday, March 8, 2010

Feeling Crafty: Vintage Stool

I bought this cute little wood stool at Michael's 

And here's what happened!

Dexter is scared of the stool!

Feeling Crafty : Vintage Frame

 I bought this picture at a consignment shop a few months ago, I got it for 90% off! I'm such a bargain  shopper lol! I didn't buy it for the lovely piece of art, I bought it for the f r a m e.I've been wanting to try out doing a vintage look on wooden frame to use for my photography adventures

Here's how I did it!

Here's the original frame as I bought it!
I took the picture apart removing the backing, picture and glass.

 I sanded the wood down a bit with fine sand paper and
put on two coat of white paint.

I applied two coats of turquoise paint and sanded the edges and any place that I thought would look good!
I then covered the frame in a light wood stain and then put on a coat of glaze to give it some shine!

I had so much fun doing this piece!
I'm sure you will be seeing more of these from me!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Maddie & Merlin

I'm currently dogs sitting for these two cutie pies! Maddie is the Black Lab and Merlin is the Chinese Crested! Maddie loves to chase the her ball and Merlin loves to dance and cast spells! lol! They have been so much fun to take care of, and they have the absolute best personalities! On top of that they are so smart and very well behaved! Their mom & dad are coming home tomorrow and I'm going to miss them to death!





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